Words or phrases to be avoided in a CV

When an individual applies for a job, his CV is the first medium of communication with the prospective employer. It is the medium that provides the information necessary for the job position applied for. Somne even consider it as the course of life (if we go by its English translation). As we know that first impression is the most essential impression, a CV should be well structured and should be bereft of any ineffective words or phrases. LinkedIn users have a tendency of using fancy words in their profile, but if you want to have a long lasting impression on the recruiter these fancy words need to be shun out. In the words of DJ Patil, the chief data scientist of LinkedIn these fancy words are overused and have no impact on the recruiters.
These words or phrases also termed as clichés do not quantify any type of results.
Some such “clichés” or fancy words or phrases best avoided are:
1. Result oriented
2. Highly motivated
3. Proven track record
4. Problem solver
5. Extensive experience
6. Fast paced
7. Entrepreneurial
8. Dynamic
9. Goal oriented
10. Cutting edge
11. Best in breed
12. Creative ability
13. Dynamic approach
14. Innovative thinking
15. Cutting edge
16. Go to person
17. Bottom line oriented
18. Extensively skilled
19. Perfectionist
20. Proven track record
21. Excellent multi tasker
22. Out of the box thinker
23. Proactive

No recruiter would like to know whether your experience is “extensive”, rather they want to know whether you have any related work experience and details of your work experience. It is best left to them to decide if they find your experience “extensive” or less. So it is apt to mention something like “five years of experience” instead of the term ‘extensive experience”. They are also not interested to know whether you get motivated highly or a goal oriented. These characteristics can be proved once you are working. It is advisable to mention your achievement at work place rather than your professional traits (that you assume are possessed by you).

So, it is necessary that you kept your CV simple and up to the point. Give details of your work experience and your personal information needs to be restricted to your contact details and your interests.