Why Diksha

Diksha is a new generation professional organization that provides end to end education, training and consulting services geared towards the SUCCESS of its learners and clients. ‘Diksha Vantage’ is the key-point representation of the pedigree, methodology and philosophy that empowers Diksha to stand out tall and true to our motto of “Delivering Success”. The Management Team: Diksha is the result of the shared vision of a group of distinguished alumni of Cambridge University (UK), Boston University (USA), IIT Bombay, Jadavpur University and MDI Gurgaon, who have been highly successful in their own professional careers. You can be rest assured that at Diksha you will immensely benefit from the guidance of this team – who has “been there and done that”. A Scientific Approach: Diksha follows a scientific and structured approach to help you in your endeavour. At Diksha in-depth understanding of specific requirements, a result oriented plan of action and intensive handholding by highly dedicated resources are followed by practical execution in simulated environment, continuous evaluation and actionable feedback. The Personal Touch: Diksha is a unique concept where “process meets people”. Our strong processes are always backed by great people – highly effective educators, trainers and consultants, who live by our motto of “Delivering Success”. Through this team we ensure that we provide personalised attention to your needs at every step. Throughout your association with Diksha you will receive required mentoring and guidance from them and also from our associates from the corporate and educational sectors. Empower with Technology: Diksha believes in the use of adequate technology. ‘Test Simulator Software’, supported by a robust question bank will prepare you for the actual tests. Graphical test reports will help you focus on the areas of improvement. Our ‘Performance Dashboard’ is a customized tracker which will help you assess the performance and rate of progress at every stage. The simple idea of “Delivering Success”

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