The Origin of Diksha

Diksha originates from the Sanskrit root “da” (to give) and “ki” (to destroy). Together they stand for a unique process of bestowing grace and success and destroying the seeds of ignorance.

Diksha is a much appreciated personalised approach of the “guru” in making the life of a disciple more enlightened and more successful.

And being true to this heritage and essence of Diksha, we have focused all our resources on making the lives of our learners more successful through enlightenment. Depending on the profile and the requirement of the learner this process of enlightenment may change. It could be in the form of imparting right knowledge in case of basic education, or mastering the art of test strategy in competitive examination, or creating the ability to “do” in professional training. But our guiding philosophy of “a personalised approach in making your future successful” remains unchanged.

Diksha is an initiative by some distinguished alumni of Cambridge University (UK), IIT Bombay, MDI Gurgaon and Jadavpur University with a unified dream of creating success stories for the students & budding professionals.

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